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Oct 19, 2009

Taking care of the small things

Odd, the things one would think of on a relaxing Sunday drive. Well, relaxing, because I was not driving but I found myself thinking in terms of self preservation as we quickly rounded deep U-curves, one after another, on a very narrow road that skirted the edge of a hill.

And no, I wasn't thinking to stay close to my edge so if there was oncoming traffic there would be room for both cars, but "Keep your tongue behind your teeth!"

As mentioned before, this is chestnut season and even if there are no major festivals in a town, someone could organize a community chestnut roasting event. We didn't stop in nearby Cellio along the roadside to participate in their roasting of chestnuts no doubt found .... everywhere... because we have a tree in our backyard.

Inspired by what we saw, on our return home, I immediately headed out back to pick up yet another bucketful of these delicious nuts. Since I didn't have the proper gloves, I carried a a set of tongs if necessary. Even as I was raking one area, I'd hear a 'plop, thud, plop' as another porcupine of a ball would fall, and then another and another.

I thought... Real smart Bev, no gloves, no hat...but at least my tongue is still safe.

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  1. Wow! Fresh chestnuts! How convenient to have one growing in your backyard!
    Our chestnuts are imported and cost a lot. :(


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