Romancing the sweet Chestnut ~ Romancing Italy

Oct 15, 2009

Romancing the sweet Chestnut

Today the temperature plummeted even though the sun was out a sure sign that autumn is fast turning into winter. I was a shame to stay inside so took a basket and headed outside to gather walnuts and chestnuts from our yard.

The chestnuts were plentiful as the tree is in the backyard. The walnuts however, required some searching which I thought was odd. The ground was flat and the grass trimmed. Then it dawned on me why the little old lady from the next village over was on her daily walks with a bag!

As is the case when something is in season, there is a celebration. There is something very festive about the scent of chestnuts being roasted. Here in the Piemonte area, almost every weekend there is a festival somewhere romancing the chestnut.

In the Piemonte area check out the villages in the Cuneo area, in Sottana, Montaldo Mondovi, Roburent, Roccavione and Benasco this coming weekend on the 18th.

Even if you don't have an open fire and Nat King Cole singing in the background, you can roast them in your oven...How to roast chestnuts in 20 minutes



  1. Life is good for you in Italia Bev.. 8-)

  2. Hi Bev!
    we picked up some big fat chestnuts yesterday as well. My husbands loves chestnuts. I just might have to get that Chestnut cook book :)

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  3. Welshcakews LimoncelloSun Oct 18, 07:28:00 PM GMT+2

    Yes, there is something very festive about it, as you say - and such a comforting aroma!

  4. Hi Hans,
    Yes it is, and one of my favorite seasons is coming along. Wait a I have a favorite season? :)

  5. Hi Duni,

    I now have a bucketful of chestnuts to do all kinds of things. We've boiled, roasted over the fire, roasted in the oven and so far I prefer the roasting over the fire. I still am yet to include it in different dishes ... but I think that is coming up very soon :-P if I want to use them up without getting tired of them.

  6. Tell me about it! Do they grow near to you? We were just talking about where they grow in southern Italy and I KNOW I've seen them, eaten them in Sicily. I think the vendor transported them with him though because we didn't go high enough to have them locally.

  7. Love this post. We put chestnuts in our Thanskgiving Day turkey stuffing (along with oysters and sausage). My job is to shell the chestnuts, which I do using the microwave. This is my sole addition to an otherwise excellent stuffing recipe that my wife uses.

  8. That recipe has to be a winner. Would you be willing to share it with me? If it's okay with your wife of course. It might be a family secret!

  9. aahhhh

    i wish i had a chestnut tree in my yard.........i like'em very much......
    its good that winter is coming its never to cold ........


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  10. I'll get back to you on that. Would you be able to get oysters over there? Their flavor is really a key to the whole thing.

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  11. Hmm, I have to ask, but with so much sea food here, I can't imagine that the
    answer will be 'no'.

  12. What do you have for winter fruit then? When there wasn't a winter chill in the air in the States, it never seemed like "winter". I like the changing of the seasons.

  13. yea....the season is changing here too..........the leaves are falling.....exactly i'm not into fruits that much so don't exactly know the difference between.......seasonal fruits.....

    also its not easy to get organic fruit here in the city......its really rare and expensive.........that's why i would also like to have a tree in my yard.....

    thanks ....... you do good....\,,,/

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