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Oct 14, 2009

Roe Deer (Capriolo) Hunting Italy

In September the hunting season started for roe deer, wild boar, rabbits and who knows what else in Italy. I didn't realize just how many rules exist! Here's the short version of the mind boggling elements to keep in mind (for roe deer).

Characteristics of the Roe Deer
A and I went to scout out a field to see if there were any deer feeding in the early morning hours (they are creatures of habit and will visit the same field regularly). We hardly moved, didn't even speak for an hour (due to their amazing sense of hearing perhaps to compensate for poor vision) ...until a man and three yelping dogs came bounding onto the scene. It was Sunday and jack-rabbit hunting day!!!

Hunters have to be stealthy and catch a buck by surprise. It's only in mating season that this usually alert animal becomes stupid and would practically run up to a hunter)

Roe Deer Hunting Days
September is open only to select hunters who have taken a course regarding the habits of roe deer and they can hunt ONLY on Monday and Thursday. Except for this year, a hunter has to say whether he is hunting a male or female. Only one deer kill is allowed and each hunter has to indicate the days he will be hunting.

October is open season but restricted to Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday (leaving Monday and Thursday for the September select who still have not bagged a deer.)

Hunting Zones Assigned
Not only are hunters restricted to certain days, but also different zones (prairie or mountain). Once assigned to a zone, you might have to claim your area to protect it from being taken by another hunter. (Mountain zones permit only Sunday and Wednesday hunts.)

Historically, there has been a code (fast disappearing) amongst hunters that once an area has been chosen by one, that field is left primarily for him. Now, it is first-come, first-served and signs claiming "Mario is here" are popping up even if Mario has really not yet arrived. It's not unusual for a hunter to set up camp at 2pm to wait for DUSK just to have the spot they want!

Hunting Restrictions at Year End
Restrictions are increased by year-end for hunting in general:
Dogs are no longer allowed on a hunt;
Instead of roaming with arms, hunters are required to remain in one place;
No more females: for deer, knowing the sex of the animal becomes more important during these months as females may be pregnant;
...and the list really does go on.
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Karl this post is dedicated to you because your passion for life, your love of the sport and your generosity. Hopefully, you will find yourself here someday and go hunting with A.
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