Quick Trip to Gerace, Calabria ~ Romancing Italy

Oct 9, 2009

Quick Trip to Gerace, Calabria

This past week we were again on the road. Friends of mine had flown in from San Francisco and we planned to meet up in Matera in the Basilicata region. Yes, with the fickle northern weather, we thought it would be better in the south.

We practically skidded down the slick stones in the heart of the town famous for its Sassi or homes of stone. And then moments later, were scampering back up the hill as quickly and safely as we could on wet stones. Yes, the sky opened up and spewed forth in torrents. So much for our game plan.

But why did it matter so much? Because this was our transportation.

The following photos were taken in the town of Gerace...right before the faucets were opened and we were again drenched. Well, one of us was. My friends V and C both had rain gear with them and I was covered leather that doesn't let in a drop. Only A's clothes changed to the darker colors of "wet".

Sunday morning and walking to church

More turns and twists that lead off to interesting corners.

Local restaurant host waiting for the after church crowd.

I am told that one of the interesting past-times is to sit at the neighboring cafe to watch the fashion show as the congregation parades by. After the walk around town, we were too late for the show.

Admiring the work being done at a very cute corner house...and the juicy looking grapes on the vine. These people had their priorities straight...they had a 'fridge already sitting in the upstairs room, probably holding a stash of beer for when it was break time.

Me and my love affair with doors. There are more door photos, but I'll spare you.

C and V on their last ride out of Calabria and heading for more adventure in Sicily. I believe C has some Italian blood in him because he took to overtaking cars in their own lane with oncoming traffic like he'd done it all his life.


  1. You've stirred up some fond memories for me of Gerace. The day we were there, though, it seemed oddly deserted. I did buy a charming little ceramic fish at one open shop as a souvenir, though. I also took a lot of photos of the wonderful buildings, which later appeared in my paintings.

    That must have been a blast to travel there on a motorbike!! I think I might have had to keep my eyes closed the entire ride, though.

    Personally speaking, I'd love to see more of your doors!

    Ciao ciao

  2. Oh, dear! I'm sorry the weather did not behave for you. But great photos.

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