Milan Motorcycle Show 2009 ~ Romancing Italy

Oct 28, 2009

Milan Motorcycle Show 2009

The 67th International Motorcycle Exhibition makes its stop in Milan from November 10 - 15. The first two days are reserved for the Press and Foreign or Local Vendors. The remainder of the week is open to the public. Women enter for free on Friday, November 13.

Along the topic of motorbikes, when we stopped in Borgosesia for one of their festivals, these beauties parked next to A's giant. Remember how I like old things? Well, an old motorbike really hits the spot.

1942 Moto Guzzi Airone

Old Motor Guzzi SeatComfy Old Seat!

Motor Guzzi

Motor Guzzi at Festival


  1. I used to ride back in day. Okay, way back in the day. I remember seeing a Moto Guzzi that was the size of a small Volkswagen. Unbelievable. The only other truly impressive bike was a Vincent Black Shadow, basically a ginormous engine with a seat and a couple of wheels bolted on to it. Scary fast.

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  2. Great photos, Bev. Enjoyed visiting your blog, and left as a Follower. Thanks!

  3. Those are some lovely looking bikes with the insides of an alien. I found a page that talked about the history, some of their record breaking moments and then the rebirth of the Viking. Instead of replying to you, I got caught up playing with a program that customizes the chassis to my choices. So many wonderful ways to waste time. Thanks to your comment, I now know some pretty interesting bike history.

  4. Thanks for coming by and joining. It's always nice to get feedback like this.


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