Milan Celtic Festival October 2009 ~ Romancing Italy

Oct 26, 2009

Milan Celtic Festival October 2009

This past weekend Milan again hosted the Celtic Festival at the Castello Sfozesco, one week earlier than usual. My impression is that this year's event was better organized and the "camp" that portrays Celtic life from an era long gone was more interesting.

I wish I'd taken my camera this year...silly me, so these are taken with my phone. Look at my post "Another view of Castle Sfozesco" for photos of the Castle itself.

It was the fox, draped over the woman's shoulder that caught my attention.

The young man holding the spear had just finished blowing on a horn used to send messages to others.

It was made of copper with a head of a dragon that led down a long neck, ending with the lips into which a soldier blew. It reminded me of the bow of viking ships.

Because of its dimension he balanced it precariously as he blew and the sound emerged from the open mouth of the dragon.

An example of their arms.

Spears, shields and a typical shelter.

One woman, photo not taken, prepared raw wool, making it into the strands used for weaving. Other than the woven items, skins were often sewn into bags or clothing.

Exhibitions like these remind me that we've "come a long way, baby!"

I still think that although their lives must have been difficult in many ways, they had a peace of mind that came with a simpler way of life and that is something that eludes many of us today.


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