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Oct 21, 2009

Language mistakes...

The world is whitewashed today... covered with a light mist and a promise of rain. I may not really like cold weather but one of the pleasures of autumn and winter is sitting by a warm fire. Even without that just being warm and looking out at the thinning trees or plants drooping from the cold, and feeling the difference is nice.

Not too long ago, although it was chilly, it was still beautiful and inviting to go out. It was on that same winding drive where I was so concerned about my tongue, that we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. Al Mortaio.

Here is where not really knowing a language can get you in trouble. I leaned over to A and whispered, "Why on earth would a restaurant call themselves a 'mortuary'?

He laughed and said it wasn't a mortuary which is 'Mortuaria' but appropriately 'Mortaio' as in mortar and pestle.


The food was delicious and I am sure we will head back there again. They are also very close - we don't have to take the scenic drive winding through the hills - and they serve typical piemonte dishes, changing the menu with the seasons.

Their contact info if you are in the area: Loc. Valpiana in Valduggia, 0163 47467. Just remember they are closed on Wednesdays.



  1. :-D that was good.....mortar and morgue......that can land you in trouble......


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  2. Language mix-ups happen way more often than I'd like to admit!!


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