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Oct 5, 2009

Caulonia Calabria Italy

Photos of the old town center during a summer visit. More booths, food, people and music!

Caulonia is another old Calabrian village that we visited this summer.

We visited during the popular Tarantella Festival and arrived just before a concert was about to begin. (Kaulonia with a "k" is the Calabresan spelling)

Instead of finding a space in the standing room only piazza, we decided to check out the rest of the festival.

The music was guaranteed to be heard from all over town!

We took a small walk along the streets to check out the food and booths. There were some sit-down places... the open and tucked away in little nooks created by the oddly curving road that led you higher and higher to the main square.

This booth seemed to be very popular. Was it the food? A ordered a plate of one of the local dishes and it came piled HIGH even though he kept saying "basta, basta" (enough).

Or was it the the unusually long loaf of home made bread?...

Or the friendly lady who not only happily served up your food, but gave you a nice eyeful when she leaned over. Now that is service!

I wonder what it would be like to live in one of these old homes and be forced to participate at these summer festivals? No peace and quiet for days, running into the wee hours of the morning and booths set up right outside your door.

I learned there is a community program that is looking into providing housing for immigrants in the three villages I happened to visit: Riace, Badolato and Caulonia. This will hopefully give new life to the old towns that are sadly neglected and also give new opportunities to those starting up a new home in a new culture.

And then some lucky person will have a door like this one.
(You know how much I love, love, love doors in italy)


  1. Lovely photos. The bread is amazing.

  2. That was me above. Just wirked out how to log in here. Buona giornata.


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