Photo: View from Riace House ~ Romancing Italy

Sep 1, 2009

Photo: View from Riace House

This one is for you Wilma. The closest marina is about a 10 minute drive from us at Roccella. Just imagine, you and Lenard could be out there! I thought of you guys when I took this photo.

Calabria in August is blazing hot but it seems more tolerable at the beach. There's a breeze and of course the crystal water where you can dunk yourself when the heat is too much. The water is so calm in the morning it looks like glass...very enticing and very warm. It's one of those places where you can walk in without an intake of breath and where you can soak for hours without getting cold.

With A being the beach lover that he is, we spent altogether too much time on the shore but what a way to relax. The sea is really therapeutic in a number of ways. Relaxing to hear the sound of the water and waves...relaxing to soak in or play in (I snorkled a bit where there was a reef)...a disinfectant for all the mosquito bites on legs, arms, face, butt, you name it.

Hope you make it here one day in your Cat, but if not, you can always take the other route and fly.
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