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Sep 7, 2009

Old Homes of Bivongi and Badolato, Calabria

Old homes appeal to me and there are a lot of them in the old villages in the south of Italy especially in the Historic Center. They are inconvenient, designed for an era that is past. Cars of today will not pass the through the narrow cobbled streets to deliver you right to your door and groceries will have to be lugged up and down the streets of these hilltop towns.

For young Italians, it's better to move to a condo or apartment in the newer section and once the older generation has passed or moved to be cared for, many times theses old homes are abandoned and eventually fall into sad ruin. Here are a few that made me stop for another look and to entertain a fantasy of buying one.

This house in Bivongi stands away from the center but I liked the location. It looks as if it is supported by huge pillars but instead stands on property beside the road. It must be a thrill to open the third story double doors that open to a low iron rail that drops off into open space.

We parked the car at the top of the old center and I walked past this attractive gate...

I fell in love with the entrance to this Bivongi house. The gates open into a small upper garden that lead to the front door. The grounds have been cared for even though the house has been abandoned for about 20 years. I was curious if it was for sale and the asking price. It seems small from this angle but below...

...it's not so tiny. If the size didn't dull my interest, the tales that objects constantly move from place to place on their own finished me off. What would an old town be without a haunted house, or houses...this is not the only one. The town admin is interested in making it into a hotel.

A small square offered up another lonely home...

...abandoned, which means no-one lives there but there is someone who will gladly take your money if you offer to buy it. I imagined myself looking out of the window into the town and valley below, but I could NOT imagine myself going to an outdoor bathroom like this....

Since there was no room inside, balconies were either enclosed to include the 'gabinetto', toilet, or a small room would be tacked onto the side of the house. Not very attractive, but certainly convenient, even if a little weird - (Some are enclosed in colored glass!)

Another home that made me salivate, this time in the town of Badolato. Again a view, with a patio on top and a garden to care for. Although freestanding, it is close to the center that is filled with streets like this one...

...and with homes like these...

That must be the Penthouse Suite on the right. They too have an awesome view and perhaps of the sea as well.
And if you take the time to renovate...

Oh, the detail...



  1. Hi Peter, it would be a great place to sit and watch the world from above. I think it needs an umbrella though...

  2. WOW and then some. If you had a good builder and did some rehab...think of the possibilities.

    Then again, wouldn't want to fall right off the cliff.

    great pictures.

  3. Hi Sandy, I would worry more about me instead of the house. It's probably there to stay for a while. I'm all for working on a house, although I know very little about working with stone and concrete. I miss the wooden houses in the States for that reason...so yeah, you're right, I need a good builder.


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