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Sep 21, 2009

Italy Mourning Kabul's Six Victims

Days ago, the unrest in Kabul, Afghanistan, claimed the lives of six Italian soldiers when a suicide bomber rammed his lorry between two Italian military vehicles. The six were not the only victims as locals also lost their lives in the blast.

Italy is one of the strongest supporters of the peace-keeping effort with a participation of about 3,000 troops. This translates to - many families who have loved ones serving overseas and who are concerned on a daily basis for their welfare.

For a country that makes the family unit so important, this tragedy strikes home even for those who don't have members in the military. Today the state funeral for the six soldiers was held at the Saint Paul Basilica in Rome, before mourners who traveled far and wide to pay their last respects. For those who could not make it, several TV channels broadcast the service.

Several of those who were interviewed, some in tears, all had one thing in common to say... "It could have been my brother, my son...".

News report Associated Press NYT
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  1. I saw this on the news today, it is very sad but I feel grateful that Italian soldiers are part of the fight against the root of many terrorist activities. may they rest in peace and my condolences to their families

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  2. Hello Andy, what a pleasure to have you as my first commenter after setting up comment luv, um, correctly. Thanks for your patience and your help.

    It is horrible that war has become one way to bring people to together. Thank you for your sympathy.

  3. This hits really close to home for us, as my husband is in the Italian air force and was scheduled to be in Kabul this month had it not been for some random delay. Everyone we know is absolutely devastated about what happened. As a military wife, I can't even is something you never want to have anyone go through. My husband is now on standby to deploy, and I am hoping something else comes up that keeps him here.

  4. Oh my! Jessica, I had no idea he was in the military. It has to be nerve-wracking to be on stand-by to go to a country with so much obvious unrest. You are smack in the middle of this and feel it even more than the non-military person. I hope things work out for him to be here with you, but even if he does end up going, I pray he will remain safe. I will keep you both in my prayers.


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