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Sep 4, 2009

Images of Bivongi, Mercato della Badia in Calabria

There are two big festivals that we like to attend in Bivongi during the summer. One is the Mercato della Badia and the other is the Sagra del Vino.

I went early to take photos of the old center before it got swamped with people.

Porchetta, a favorite of mine, is usually cut from the unfortunate pig that is set out to effectively catch your attention.

Older homes are narrow, with many floors. Quaint, but it has to be hard on older knees and it is usually the older generation that is left in the historic center.

An arch always draws me

View of Bivongi's main church. There is a small chapel higher on the hill but I don't know if it is used often.

Another stall being set up. Almost a year ago I learned this man had been threatened by the local mafia and it was thought his days were numbered if he remained in town. The fact that he is still here suggests that he himself has become more powerful in the underworld.

There are five entrances off this small courtyard that lead to five different homes.

This is NOT the narrowest stairway in Bivongi. There is one path that fits just one, slim person.

A Bivongi piazza during the Mercato della Badia after it is in full swing.

Some of the evening's entertainment. Walking on stilts, a tall unicycle, a comic performing in the square and for the first time, an american indian.

Not shown here... the many vendors that cook and sell traditional foods and desserts of Calabria.


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