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Sep 30, 2009

Going Jogging,...where?...

The jogger squinted at his watch in the dim light. At six-thirty on an unusually warm fall morning there was still time to take several laps around the little meadow he was about to pass. He veered off the road and soon felt the springy grass beneath his feet.

A surge of vigor coursed through him as he sprinted close to the bushes that fringed the grassy field, breathing in the scent of the wild butterfly bush as he ran past. The only sounds he heard on that quiet morning were the soft thud of his shoes on the spongy soil and the distant bark of a neighborhood dog.

Nearing the end of his second lap, a faint light flashed on and off in the bushes immediately to his right, stopping him dead in his tracks. His heart, already beating fast, managed to pick up even more speed as he stared into the dark bushes trying to make out a form, any form. Feet that were as light as air a few seconds ago had now grown roots.

He heard a whisper coming from the ground, "You planning to keep running much longer? Or shall I just leave now?"

Without any hesitation, the jogger was once again on the road leaving behind a man, who was lying on the ground, with a pair of binoculars and a rifle beside him.

In fact, the man had settled into his position a couple hours before and had waited silently, still and patient. But, instead of being rewarded with the sighting of a much prized roe deer, the only game that appeared was a two-legged galloping ass.

(It's hunting season now and this was one of A's encounters when he went hunting. I accompanied him on scouting excursions and felt what life was like on the other side of the coin. 'I' would usually be in the place of the watched, walking or running (like a gazelle naturally), instead of being the watcher.

Now my thinking goes... the walls may have ears, but there are eyes everywhere.)


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  1. Em from Ribollita ReboiledThu Oct 01, 08:23:00 PM GMT+2

    I would have peed myself! I like to run, and often times cut through a wooded area full of deer and other critters. MAYbe I won't do that anymore!lol Great story :)

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