National Holiday on August 15 ~ Romancing Italy

Aug 15, 2009

National Holiday on August 15

August 15 is referred to as "ferragosto" where the nation seems to shut down and families get together flocking to the mountains. Did I get that right? Yes, they flock to the sea for the August vacation and then on this day, they usually all head for the hills. It's tradition.

Today, thinking that the multitudes would have disappeared into the green foliage, I walked down to the beach hoping to find soothing comfort in the lapping waves. The pounding music and equally pounding waves were not helpful. Apparently, in order to drum up business for any who lagged behind, the hotel/restaurant at the beach advertised a grand party during the day.

Customers packed the open dining area for lunch. I felt sorry for them. Having been poorly served there two times now I know many people will be waiting a long time for their meal.

I was tickled pink when I heard the DJ begin asking for a vote on the service from the restaurant when he was interrupted by his partner who tactfully changed the topic of the vote to "Let us know if you like what we are doing and want us to stay for the rest of the day by a clap of hands" After some applause, I didn't hear the other side of the vote...the one where we clap our hands if we wanted them to quit. Isn't that how a vote works?


  1. Is it true that in Italy they have an huge amount of vacations in comparison to the U.S and Canada?

  2. Hello Queretaro, sorry for the late reply, which happens when there is no internet service.

    America casually observes some of the same holidays as Italy, such as Easter for example. Where the States continue to work on religious and other holidays, Italy takes the day off. PLUS, each region has their own patron saint and schools and businesses celebrate with a day off.

    And considering that much of Italy takes the entire month of August off for vacation, I'd say this country has more vacation time.


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