Ice Delivered right to our Doorstep ~ Romancing Italy

Aug 3, 2009

Ice Delivered right to our Doorstep

Louise at A View from Carmine Superiore, a village that shares this northern mountainous space, predicted thunderstorms this weekend. And she was right. The curtains are in and the gazebo is again naked.

A storm with an amazing display of lightning, ear splitting thunder and lots of hail tore through the midnight hour on Saturday leaving susceptible plants in ruin. The ground was covered in white.

On Sunday morning, Zefferino, from the house below, called out as he walked past on his way to the mountain.

"You still have ice."

Which brought both A and I running to see what he was looking at. There at the gate was a carpet of white pellets, frozen together, and covering the step...a reminder of the crazy weather we have in the foothills.


  1. Wow I was somewhat in awe, thinking you had actually found someone to deliver you fabulous bags of ice for making cocktails :) I was thinking to myself, here I am impressed with a
    condom vending machine
    , these guys are getting ice deliveries! LOL. Ciao from Roma :)

  2. Ciao Regina...HA! I WISH they'd deliver ice. I wish for a lot of things. You must be feeling the nice hot Roman summer heat and ice must really sound good. Enjoy your summer!


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