Gazebo Transformed into an Outdoor Space ~ Romancing Italy

Aug 3, 2009

Gazebo Transformed into an Outdoor Space

What a busy week! Remember the "experience" I had last Tuesday? This is where that material went.

This is the space before and after (leafy rose vines cover the fence and gazebo). Curtains close in the space and add some much needed color.

We had A's crew and their wives over on Friday for dinner.
And then I hung out reading and enjoying the billowing curtains on Saturday

Then changed it again for dinner with A

I prefer red wines, but this Vermentino from Tuscany is delicious

The flowers were cut from a buddleia (butterfly bush) along the side of the road. Its going to join the ranks of my garden plants just for the flowers. True to it's nature, the moths that were attracted to the hanging lamps also found dinner waiting in the pretty lavender petals.



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