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Aug 20, 2009

Day trip to Serra San Bruno, Vibo Valentia

After yet another scorching day, and night, we decided that higher ground was the ticket and we headed for the hills. We've been to Serra San Bruno before, visiting the church there and reliving one of A's memories of a rather funny wedding ceremony that took place there.

S. San Bruno is also known for its mushrooms and we salivated thinking of porcini mushrooms on a plate in front of us. We went to Fondo dei Baroni, an agriturismo close to the center. Last year we enjoyed a meal there and thought it deserved another visit. We will not be going back as the meal was very disappointing this year.

I think my favorite moment today occurred when we went to Certosa, where the church is, and also the monastery of the same name as the town. Two little stores sit on the road just outside the church grounds. One that sells all types of food typical of the south...mushrooms, peppers, wines etc. and the other has different articles, including pottery and ceramics.

Two women were looking at the decorative plates and since prices were not marked, they asked A if he happened to know the price (as had his hands full with my pickings). They were hesitant about asking the owner and getting the "tourtist price" and were giggling like girls when they heard A break out in dialect to ask for the information. Thanks to incredible prices, the three of us were at the counter with our hands full and looking like we had found treasure.

Thanks to an incredibly slow connection which makes posting photos a royal pain in the a**, I'll share my finds another day.

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