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Aug 7, 2009

Caught up in Small Town Gossip

I'm sitting under the blue striped umbrella #22 trying to get into my summer read, The Angel's Game, when my attention is pulled away by a high pitched squeal. I look up to see a young bikini clad girl frozen in place, looking my way with eyes wide and mouth hanging open.

Since I've no idea who she is, logic makes me look behind me to see who might have the matching look. An attractive blond is standing one umbrella away and as I look, the blue bikini runs across the sand and launches herself into the arms of the blond. A family re-union.

As tradition goes, families return to the same beaches every summer, friendships form and everyone knows everyone else's business. It seems the blond knows just about everyone on the beach judging from the many air kisses that subsequently passed a number of cheeks.

But what is interesting to the rest of us on-lookers, is the young man who stands beside her. As a newcomer to the beach last year, I had heard stories about this blond who always came to spend each summer with her family, bringing a different boyfriend. Like Old Faithful, she did not disappoint and it remains to discover what the family thinks of this summer love.

I hope my book has better promise for riveting suspense.


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