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Jul 24, 2009

Using "Tuscan-style" to Increase Viewers

The word "Tuscany"usually illicits good feelings for just about every one. It tugs on the memory strings of a previous trip or creates the yearning to go and have a taste of the good life. I ran across an article in a Bay Area (California USA) paper featuring a rental home in the Napa Valley as a Tuscan retreat and was eager for a visual treat.

This perhaps has the feel of a Roman pool, but that dark wood siding is distracting me.

Aah, vineyards...but that is not the type of metalwork I have in mind for Italian patio furniture. And as my friend Anne well knows, there is an infestation of plastic chairs that have taken over every Italian home (lol).

Wall to wall french doors, smooth white walls, cleanly cut wood beams and a wreath. Really a lovely scent of California to me.

More clean lines.....

Well, there is the idea of having a tower...

Perhaps I'm a little biased, but I don't know that I would ever find anything like this in Tuscany.

What I do know is that Americans will be disappointed at not seeing the color and artistry that we have come to expect with the word "Tuscan".

I feel manipulated and I object to this free use of the word "Tuscan".

Photos from SF


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