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Jul 10, 2009

Traditional Italy and Japanese Food

Last evening we went out to dinner at Asia Ristorante, a Chinese/Japanese restaurant in Borgosesia. I noticed that the other patrons were basically youngsters, probably not more than 22, if that.

"Mostly young people seem to come here, how strange" I commented.

An emphatic "yes" came my way and I realized that I'd forgotten I was in Italy. In the States we find more of the older generation eating at a Japanese restaurant thanks to the pricing of the exotic food.

A explained that in Italy it would be an incredible surprise to see any of their older generations in a restaurant that wasn't Italian. Only the young are open to the new foods that are popping up around the country and breaking with tradition.

Ah, Italy and its tradition. It also explains why two of the waiters came up to ask if it was our first time eating Japanese food. That might be another way of saying we are old!


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