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Jul 2, 2009

If You're Happy and You Know it....

I walked outside to hang the laundry and heard the whoosh of the swiftly moving swallows. They flew low and silent, except for the rush of wind, just a few feet above my head and their circling gave me the sensation that my world was at a standstill in the midst of their allegrissimo tempo.

It's nice to feel a part of nature even if I am only a spectator. I've watched Tit families raise their little hatchlings, watched them learn to fly together and eat together on my balcony. This is a treat.

But what really made me walk back inside to write this post was the voice I heard emerging from the woods. It was lifted in song, belted out with force and hitting every wrong note. But even from this distance, I knew one thing for sure...there was JOY spilling forth. And I felt it too.

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  1. Ciao bella. What a wonderful post. We have martens in huge flocks that come to visit once or twice a year. They stay for some days, basking in the sun on the church belfry. You're right about the whoosh as they go by.


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