Voice of Nature ~ Romancing Italy

Jun 6, 2009

Voice of Nature

After a week of quiet sunshine and feeling like a lazy summer had arrived, I am now watching the trees come alive in a wild dance of swaying branches and madly nodding leaves. The sky is a dismal gray and the occasional groan of a strong wind agonizing like an animal in pain gives me an eerie feeling. Nature is restless and vocal. Her large, loud movements remind me of how small and inconspicuous I am and if I ever thought that I, as a human, was supreme -- I've been put squarely back in place.


  1. I often feel so small when I stand by the ocean. Marilyn xoxo

  2. No kidding about the ocean making someone feel insignificant. I've had the same experience.

  3. Nice written.))
    I feel dried out ad fried; 30plus here and no wind.(


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