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Jun 14, 2009

Rossi reigns in Barcelona!

I just watched the absolute BEST MotoGP race ever...even better than the Rossi/Stoner race in the States last year. I LOVE ROSSI!!!!

The fight was between Lorenzo and Rossi, both riding Yamaha, in the Barcelona circuit. Lorenzo was in pole and took the lead easily, but had Rossi on his tail up until the last few laps. Rossi passed him, always the crazy man whether passing on the inside or the outside.

Then Lorenzo passed him again but without even letting a bike length pass, Rossi pulled in his knee, accelerated and was again in front.

Lorenzo again, passing on the inside and I was out of my seat. NO!! I found myself with my face right up in the TV screaming for Vale to pass him again. The commentator was saying 'Duro, e' durissimo'...'hard, it's hard'...with only the final lap to go.

The camera showed the wheel of Lorenzo in front and then shot out to an aerial to show Rossi on the final curve making a sick pass and then screaming by the checkered flag.


And tomorrow, I myself will take my bike out for a three day, very calm non-Rossi-like motorbike ride to the regions of France once again. I am pumped, that's for sure.

Photo from Official MotoGP site.

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  1. Hi Veb, Im a Rossi fan! And Indeed, our idol is one of the best in the history, I think.


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