Robinia or Black Locust Blossoms ~ Romancing Italy

Jun 3, 2009

Robinia or Black Locust Blossoms

The Robinia or Black Locust tree is a deciduous tree that is not only lovely to look at, but delicious to eat.

One of the late bloomers in spring, the hill across from our house becomes spotted in white with these flowers.

I had no idea they were edible until I was walking with my friend one morning and she reached up and grabbed a handful. She was looking forward to making a "fritata" with it.

A doesn't wait to fry it up with some eggs like an omelette, he is fine eating it in handfuls. I tried some myself and they are sweet. They are great added to salads, made into syrups or added to drinks like smoothies or plain water.

Always learning something new around here....

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  1. Hi Bev,
    What a find! There is just someting so special about walking and finding free food en route. Don't let on to too many people, they'll commercialise it.
    Salads are in right now sounds like you know that anyway.


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