Quick greetings to all and Off I run again ~ Romancing Italy

Jun 26, 2009

Quick greetings to all and Off I run again

I thought I'd better write something, anything, so my friends know I am alive and to give a collective hello to you all. I've been offline for over a week working madly in different capacities and ignoring my writing.

Now, I get online and see that the pop star of my youth is dead of a heart attack. Not that I was a great Michael Jackson fan, but I find I sometimes measure my life according the passage of others, whether they die, or they've become adults and I last saw them as a baby.

I remember once again that each day really is a gift and needs to be appreciated fully.

The other week, I took a long awaited bike trip to France. I've wanted to write about it and share it with my friends, and at the same, I was reluctant. It seemed that once I wrote about it, it would be over....and I didn't want it to be something with an end. It was that enjoyable an experience for me.

Now, we are planning another bike trip and as it is when there is something else to look forward to, it is easier to let go of the things of the past. Human nature. I guess we should always plan for something in the future.

I'm away from the computer again this weekend, so sorry to all for not visiting your blogs and not contributing one way or another. (Special hello to Hans and Martin. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods)

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