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Jun 16, 2009

La Burla, A Piemonte Farm, Stables and More

La Burla, Cascine del Sole....

One establishment -- five branches of activity with something for everyone. Near Borgosesia in Guardabosone Piemonte, La Burla Cascine del Sole, supports a nearby restaurant, a horse ranch and stables, a sports area, a shop for fresh cuts of meat and of course, the farm.

Anne, of course you came to mind when I saw this place. If you ever come to visit again, perhaps we can take a ride around the mountain.

The Stables - Sun Valley Ranch
Their new addition is their ranch with only American horses...quarter and paints. That explains the very large American flag on their stables. These horses are chosen for their quieter nature. (No Anne, no Arabs like Keepsake - They want people to come back!)

There is a very friendly dog who has learned to leap on the stable doors to keep the doors properly shut. She does this on command and also when she just feels like it. If you visit, she will ask you to throw one of her toys. Throw it FAR if you want a short rest or go on a hot day and she'll hide out under the office instead.

The Farm

La Burla encourages visitors, students etc to pass through and see how a farm is run. There are cows, pigs, goats, donkeys, hens...yup, all the animals of Old MacDonald. I went there with Antonella and little Federico and we kept saying "What does a cow say? What does a pig say?..." On that day, he was more interested in sitting on the tractor.

The Shop

The animals are raised, not only for educational purposes, but also to ultimately end up on display in pieces in their on-site store. Piemontese beef is well renowned and very popular. If you want something different, there is a selection of goat, pig and rabbit. There are sausages, cheese, honey and other typcial products from the Piemonte area.

The Restaurant - La Barrique
In Guardabosone's town center there is a marvelous little restaurant that is connected with this cascine. I'd gone there for a delicious dinner before realizing there was a nearby farm that provided their inventory. Excellent food.

The Grounds

The cascine is open for those wanting to play tennis, soccer, basketball or go mountain biking. An area, covered like a huge tent is available for special occasions like a birthday party. There are only 74 acres to run free and get lost in. Go for a picnic. (There is an area free for everyone to use with tables, BBQ etc. Dogs welcome of course.)

I believe there were plans for an agriturismo projected for the end of 2008 --there is a new building on-site perhaps for this purpose. Below is their contact info if someone is interested

La Burla, Cascine del Sole
13010 Guardabosone (VC)
Tel. 015 76 97 779
Cell. 340 170 0854
Country Code 039 if calling from outside Italy.

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  1. This place looks wonderful! It's also great that you can do many activities in one location.


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