Images of French Countryside and Life in Upper Provence ~ Romancing Italy

Jun 12, 2009

Images of French Countryside and Life in Upper Provence

Interesting rock formations in France. Makes me wonder how these mountains were formed eons of years ago and what kind of rock it is.

A fortress on the rock with one very thin section. Seems large enough for only one room. This is not the first time I've seen buildings in France just emerge seamlessly out of the rock. We almost missed this one, but then again, we didn't seem to be very observant on this trip.

More vertical rock striations over Sisteron.

On the road to Col de Noyer for a joy-ride, we stopped to give right-of-way to a resident. She let herself back into her barn. I guess it was dinner time for her.

What the road looked like on the way to the top of the pass. Purty narrow.

One of the three hosts at the hotel in St. Bonnet. The other two only had two legs each.

Lake Verdon, which incidentally is the photo for the month of June on my calendar.

Barcelonnette is known as a market town. No kidding. This lasted pretty much all day and even had matresses out on display. Here in Borgosesia, all that is left of the market is litter by 1pm.

Another joy-ride and another pass. They said it was closed and guess was. We made it past two other ice blocks but this one stopped us.

Another type of life in the French Countryside. A marmot. We saw several playing by the road an many on look-out. Nice to see a bit of nature.

At the market in St. Bonnet we saw something else that is lacking at the Italian market. Live chickens!

There is a huge French/Mexican connection in Barcelonnette. Here is a Mexican restaurant. Every August, there is a Mexican festival....with TANGO!! Can you believe it? Why don't they do that here? For me!

Love the car! And who can resist the long haired beauty sitting in the front seat?


  1. Hi Bev,
    Nice to see some out of town and city scenes here. Some wonderful shot included and the houses at the bottom of the towering rocks is quite stunning.

    Take Care

  2. We took 1 month ago thew train from Milan-Torino towards Paris through this region...was beautiful.
    Exiting pics!

  3. Martin, Those people sure know how to live on the edge!! They are overlooking a gorge. The photo didn't turn out okay so I didn't show it.

  4. Hi Hans, I've heard that the train ride from Milan to Paris was breathtaking. I'd like to take it one see what it is that people have gawked about, and to give myself an excuse to visit Paris again.


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