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Jun 10, 2009

Hotel L'Escalin, La Garde Adhemar - A Story about Dinner

Restaurant Gastronomique, less than a mile from La Garde Adhemar in France, a medieval village on a small hill.

How we got there: by accident of course.

We had to stop for the night. A was a little frustrated because I gave him bad directions and we ended up doing a different road than we'd planned that morning. The ride (motorbike) was long and boring (interpreted...the road was straight).

I saw a steeple on the hill and said "I want to stay there." So we arrived at La Garde Adhemar.

There's no choice when the selection is = 1

As bad luck would have it...or really, as it seems to be in old villages, there are no hotels in the center. I left A lying on a small stone wall to recuperate his good humor and went in search of lodging, taking the long way around with camera in hand. That's when I ran across the medieval church that I posted yesterday. The photos were taken in a hurry and I chopped off the steeple heads. Remember, I was supposed to be looking for a place to stay, not sightseeing!!

A broken conversation in French led me to the only hotel available. L'Escalin, with restaurant on-site, cost about 80 euro for the night but it was definitely worth it. The meal is what heaven and hell is all about.

At Dinner

The menu was all in French and there was a myriad of confusing choices. We decided on the first menu item as there were less choices to make and therefore less to try to communicate. It said menu gastronomique. And thus started the endless supply of plate after plate of beautifully created food, in the smallest portions ever, but delightfully tasty. Here are a few of the courses.

Appetizer: No photo - it was asparagus soup in a shot glass, with a pudding-like light green mound - more asparagus. A surprise, but delicious. I still prefer my asparagus whole...pure, natural.

An absolutely delicious salad and a mound again of a gelatainous type of foie gras pâté....followed by a salmon plate, decorated with more green asparagus dribble and finally one precious piece of asparagus.

Dessert: No photo: A sorbet, light and delicious. We thought the cheese was next.

More meat in a roll. calf sweetbread cooked in a dutch oven and an oriental flavored salad encircled with pureed carrots. Can't remember what the black sea was...followed by another foie gras dish over apple and covered in a sweet sauce. I enjoyed it but A, not much of a meat eater was not so enraptured.

I dug into this before remembering to take the photo. Grilled lamb (A hates lamb). with bits of salad and a polenta bake. I was in a hurry, not because I was so hungry, but because they took so long between dishes we wanted to hurry up and get it done.


We told the waiter to cheese, no coffee, no dessert. So not French OR Italian!!!!

In other words:
This is not a meal to be had when you are tired! You must come ready to indulge in hours of eating and drinking.

Speaking of drinking...this washed everything down well.

And because of it, and the long boring ride, and the long meal, when we made it back to our room, A was fast asleep within seconds, fully clothed on top of the bed and gently snoring contentedly.



  1. Hello, Bev. Truthfully I was first enamored by the color of your background, plus the eye-catching photo of a corridor, which a passerby like me would not only want to peep but would want to traverse through.

    Would you believe it, at that instance, I decided at once to put my ads, and EntreCard placed me on the queue...without yet having read the contents thereof.

    Tonight, a week thereafter, I found at the EC dashboard an ad of mine which is pending approval. I clicked to investigate which site it is.

    Its only now have I paused to savor the brilliance of your art. I enjoyed the tiresome journey, salivated at the sumptuous Italian meal served at the table, and imagined having tasted the sparkling Chaume-Arnaud wine trickling down my throat.

    I'm now subscribing by email to keep me posted of your every entry here. My sincerest gratitude for allowing me this rare privilege.

  2. Hello JessQ, I am glad you enjoyed this post as much as you did. You are very poetic and you write beautifully.

    My apologies if I understood correctly that your ad was pending on account of my not being around. I haven't been regularly visiting entrecard these last few weeks since I've been out of town so often. I rely on a notice in my email to tell me if there are ads pending... however, your message also let me know this is not occuring. There were several ads sitting there - I don't know for how long.

    I'm glad you stopped by...and now I will return the favor. Bev


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