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Jun 11, 2009

Bars in France do NOT have food

Briançon was the first French stop after we crossed the Italian/French border from Torino. We stopped for a bite and somehow, out of the three establishments sitting side by side, we managed to miss the two restaurants. We settled for a "toast" at the bar we sat in and while we were munching away on a horrible sandwich, we read "Pizza" to our right and "Restaurant Cafe" to our left. Who knew in France bars really are bars without sandwiches like in Italy?! This was what we gazed upon while trying to swallow.

We did it again...stopping for breakfast this time. The large seating area was inviting with sun shining onto the umbrellas. But when we ordered coffee and a croissant, we were told there were no croissants. The waiter pointed over here...

So it is not surprising to find the boulangerie and bars close together. Twice later, we ordered our dessert (for A's sweet tooth) and then sat to be waited on by the neighboring bar for coffee or drinks.


  1. Lesson in French:
    at 8am you go to the bar for a pastiche Pernod) drink (40% alcohol) at 9am to the boulangerie for some sandwiches. at 10am at work. noon:back to the bar. at 1pm lunch antil 1.30pm at 2pm to work. at 5pm t the bar for wine ad at 8pm diner until 10.00pm and have to g to bed early at 10.30 to make it to the bar the next mornng at 8am for pastiche (Pernod)..)))!

  2. Oh how I miss Europe. I will be on a cruise in Italy this fall. I cannot wait!
    Just stopping by to say hi before participating in World Blog Surf Day :o)

  3. Hans, wish I'd known! Always seemed to be out of time I'll be prepared

    Ivanhoe, fall is a great time to be in this area..not too hot. Where do you stop for port calls?


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