Architectural Features in Barcelonnette, St. Bonnet and La Garde Adhemar ~ Romancing Italy

Jun 9, 2009

Architectural Features in Barcelonnette, St. Bonnet and La Garde Adhemar

France is also full of quaint old doors in different colors, shapes and framed with stone, shuttered in blue and dressed in lace. And so many churches that if I may say so....look so much alike that I think there must have been a lazy architect way back when.

A small blue door brings attention to itself in a hidden corner of the Hotel L'Escalin, La Garde Adhémar

Two country churches, both on the way up to Col de Noyer near St. Bonnet

I am always curious to know where the archway leads.

A medieval church in the village of La Garde Adhemar.

Church at St. Bonnet. Hmmm, where have I seen that design before? The scroll above the door translates into "God has given you time, what are you doing with it?"

The surround on the left window is painted!!! Stone surround as I like it. (St. Bonnet)

This alley/road leads to the town cinema. (St. Bonnet)

One of the two church steeples (Barcelonnette). Two churches in one town and they couldn't get them synchronized. One starts to toll and moments later, the second starts in. For 1pm, it's not a problem, but it's a cacophony of clanging iron when they both ring out the longer hours.

Inside the second Place St. Pierre, Barcelonnette.

There is something about the combination of color and style that seems very French to me. It is different than what I see in Italy.
This street scene taken in Barcelonnette.

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