Worth 1000 - Brickwork House Le Castella Calabria ~ Romancing Italy

May 6, 2009

Worth 1000 - Brickwork House Le Castella Calabria

House Le Castella on Romancing Italy

A drive-by shot that caught my attention. The intricate brickwork design was worth closer attention.

Romancing Italy Detail of house near Le Castella

From the grass and the boards, looks like the project is on hold.

Brickwork Wall Romancing Italy

But the driveway is incredibly well kept.

Dog at house near Le Castella

So is the dog on the front porch. I think he was waiting me for to enter and make his day more interesting. (I saw him just as I turned to leave.)


  1. This are very interesting and beautiful pictures. I also like your header picture, its very simple yet done artistic and clean. Hope you're havin' a great time in Italy ... by the way the doggy by the porch is cute.

  2. Hi Mimi, glad you think the dog in the picture is cute. I guess when I look at it, I see his eyes squinting at me in a dare. He, however, is perfect for the photo. Thanks for your comment on the header pic. It was taken in Venice...another place I fell in love with.
    Thanks for stopping by.


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