Vatican Museum Photos Sampling ~ Romancing Italy

May 18, 2009

Vatican Museum Photos Sampling

Vatican Museum entranceCeiling of corridor at Vatican Museum

The corridor was covered with artwork...the ceiling was an amazing color and the walls were painting after painting of the different cities in Italy

Painting of Tremiti islands, corridor wall Vatican Museum Italian countryside in ancient times, Vatican Museum

Vatican Museum artworkdetail on wall murual Vatican museum

The mix of all the vivid colors in many of the paintings was captivating but one of the painters who has become a favorite of mine is Caravaggio who plays with light in an amazing way, with a dramatic shot of red somewhere to make things interesting in his mix of color.

Vatican Museum wall detail

Intricate craftsmanship of fireplace mantel Vatican Museum Vatican Museum Resurrection theme

Deposition by Caravaggio

Vatican Museum courtyard


Whisper sweet somethings