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May 19, 2009

This Crazy Northern Italian Weather

What crazy weather!

Yesterday as I happened to be standing at the window gazing out at another dreary gray day, I saw something fall from the sky. And then another. One by one, large bullets of rain were leaving dark splotches on the stone courtyard below, picking up pace so that the space in front of me had turned a pale white. Just for fun I waited at the window for one dry spot I'd chosen to turn dark with saturation and I felt like a kid.

Moments later the torrent stopped and I heard the car enter our driveway. A was astonished that it had rained...just 2 minutes drive down the road to the next town, the world was perfectly dry.

It stormed on and off during the rest of the day with flashes of lightening and ear splitting thunder. Borgosesia at a five minute drive away was still enjoying sunny weather but after I was there at around 4pm the weather drastically changed and the town turned white under a cover of hail. This is May!

The weather report for the rest of this week is to be scorchingly hot...and it already promises to be so today. At 8am it is already 25C outside.

I'm ready! And I'm going to take my motor out for a little spin. We both need it.


  1. Hi Bev,
    Don't you just love the variety of weather which lets you play games. I relate very well to that. Bicycling weather by the sound of it right now.

  2. I certainly one of those who like hot weather. And today was a fine day to be outside. Also did some are happy with this weather too.


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