A Stroll in the Streets of Athens ~ Romancing Italy

May 5, 2009

A Stroll in the Streets of Athens

Finally, a moment away from the group. I walked along the streets that suck in the masses of tourists that come for the Acropolis. I spied some spices that I quickly bought before heading for a stroll out of the tourist section.

One of the many jam packed streets filled with trinkets and souvenirs of the Acropolis and Greece in general. In addition to spices that I haven't seen in Italy, I saw some sweets that I used to eat when I was a kid.

The local fish and meat market. Not exactly an attractive place, but more of what I wanted to feel.

And then I found some quiet streets where I bought a magazine to glance through over a drink.

An interesting doorway.

From the thick layer of dust on the bike I think it should now be considered wall art.

A small byzantine chapel in the middle of modern Athens. Some jerk tried to "offer" to take my photo with my camera but took off when he saw a couple of police coming our way.

This is not one of the officers, but one of the guards at the Parliament building. The changing of the guard is a hoot. Check it out below.

This is part two of a video on youtube.com. I'm afraid images of white storks come to mind. And instead of preening themselves, they have another do it for them. Picture perfect at the end.



  1. Hi Bev,
    Some lovely quaint places you foudn there. I love the motorbike! You were right to get away from the tourist tracks and find the real atmosphere of the place.

  2. Hi Martin,
    Yes, although we were smack in the middle of a city, which I don't particularly like, this was my favorite part of the trip.


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