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May 22, 2009

Projects - Making a New Wardrobe Look Old

With the arrival of the warm sunshine, also came a long 'to-do' list but sadly not a surplus of energy. I picked up the flu about 2 weeks ago and am still fighting the darn thing off. I rarely got sick in the States so of course my only deduction is that my blood isn't a match for the Italian bug.

One of my projects was painting a wardrobe and true to my character I wanted it to look old.

Here it is in the raw.

The new wood took on an old look with a gray color wash rather than a paint. Inside, because I still wanted to have some color, I again used a wash with a red base to get a rose tint that goes well with the gray. (This reminds me of the color scheme in my old kitchen)

I loved the doors the way they were, even if they were stained in some places, but that is to be expected of something over 100 years old. Considering that, they were in pretty good condition.

I completely happy with the outcome...just one problem. We can't get it in the room!!! It's been a while since I heard so many expletives strung together(toned down because I was present).

Sereno, the carpenter, took the measurements and swore there was no need to make it in two parts which was our original plan. "No problem. It will fit"

What he didn't take into account...the door from the outside is not lined up at a convenient angle with the door to the room so there was no room to maneuver in the corridor.

Setting up the lift.

On it's way to the 3rd floor (2nd floor in Italy as they don't count the ground floor)

Free ad for Peterle Traslochi.

Now, it's sitting out in the balcony taking in the sunshine. This weekend, it gets cut in two, I get to retouch the paint job and then it goes to work!!!


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