Photos of the Acropolis in Greece ~ Romancing Italy

May 4, 2009

Photos of the Acropolis in Greece

An imposing position to have a temple. View from the city below.

The concrete sea of Athens lies below. I am sure it is amazing at night.

The theatre of Herod Atticus likes below the Acropolis. It is still used for classical concerts, ballet and other concerts (Yanni for example).

Pillars at the entrance to the Acropolis.

The maidens of the Erechtheion. These are replicas; four of the original Caryatids are in the Acropolis museum. If I understood right, the fifth is in a British museum.

Detail work. Headless but still beautiful

At the rear of the Parthenon with my friend Lidia.
There was a nasty cool wind that buffeted us constantly. Do they show that in movies set at the Acropolis? Perhaps a different time of year, but hey...on an open hill like that....

Have no idea what this is as I didn't hear, but I think it is beautiful in its stark difference to the city around it. If anyone knows...let me know.


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