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May 25, 2009

Perspectives - We are all Different

It's Monday, Memorial Day in the States and a quiet day of reflection for me in Italy. Even though my springtime allergies have raised their ugly sneezing heads, I wanted to sit outside and write and this was my thought for today.

Many times on a holiday such as this one I would spend countless hours working on various projects at my house. Then at the beginning of the work week we'd exchange the question,

"So how was your weekend?"

I'd respond with enthusiasm at the memory of my accomplishments, giving an account of what I'd done only to hear something like, "Oh... good for you" and they'd walk away.

I know this just didn't sound like fun to many people, actually downright boring. Really, I can't say I blame them! I could have been at the beach, a BBQ, my beloved mountains, on my motorbike...anywhere but home working. But I never noticed the long hours and I always felt a "good tired" because I was doing something I absolutely loved.

We are all different, viewing life from different perspectives and my friends soon came to learn that what they perceived as a cross to bear was really a rejuvenation for me. (I am sure many still thought I was incredibly boring).

I would never say they've "never experienced the pleasure of working on something they valued" but Masterson's quote certainly emphasizes that what we love to do will never seem like work.

Perhaps I can change another saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure" to "One man's work is another man's pleasure".

"Some people see taking action as work and work as a form of pain.
These are usually people who have never experienced the pleasure of working
on something they value." - Michael Masterson

Find your passion!



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