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May 23, 2009

Italy, the Madonna and a Special Month of May

I just discovered that the month of May is special for Italy. At least for those who are serious about church activities.

Yesterday, I was sitting comfortably in a soft chair on the balcony enjoying the warmth evening air and relaxing after a very busy day. It was nice to be still.

A drove up, "Want to go for an aperitivo at the lake....?" (A 25 minute drive for a drink...I instantly felt lazy.)"...">in moto" he jingled the bait and I bit.

Before long we were sitting at the edge of the lake at the Imbarcadero, staring at the colorful Isola San Guilio and ordering drinks. Then we switched plans and decided to stay for dinner. The weather was wonderful, the view unbeatable and well, there was nothing at home to eat.

On the way back, much later than expected, we slowed at one junction where there was a collection of cars at the side of the road and the Polizia Municipale parked in plain view. At first I thought it was an accident because I knew there were no buildings in the area.

An officer waved us by and I was at full attention to see what had happened. There at the crossroads, near a small shrine, a smiling priest was greeting people. They came as they were, casual or dressed up, parked their car on the side of the road and walked up to where he stood.

Curiosity led me to ask A's mom and I learned that May is dedicated to the Madonna and that every single evening in May people attend mass. Perhaps this also takes place for Catholics in the States, but I am not aware of it. I have to admit that this exhibition of dedication is yet another reason why I love this place, even if I don't subscribe to the same faith.


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