Baby ducks vs. Babies ~ Romancing Italy

May 11, 2009

Baby ducks vs. Babies

Now why aren't human babies equipped at birth to take care of themselves like these little ones?

These unfortunate ducklings apparently lost their way and ended up stuck behind an iron grill. Two duck hunters (of all the people) fished them out and now they are sitting here trying to figure out how to escape.

By the way, this is only 20 seconds of a preening that took almost a good hour to be done. After watching a wriggly, squirmy and incredibly helpless 19 month old getting his diaper changed, I wonder why we weren't designed likewise.


  1. Hi Bev,

    Good one. Out for a duck today then? (Cricket term)

  2. Martin, I'm hoping for a golden duck with a googly. Thanks for reminding me of my childhood!


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