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May 14, 2009

Angels and Demons, the Lancia and Rome Italy

One TV advertisement leads to the discovery of another Italian 'quirk'...which leads to the discovery of the film Angels and Demons...and a walk down memory lane in Rome.

My attention was riveted to the TV...

...a car races through obviously Italian streets... music urgent and compelling, creating a sense of impending doom...a shot of a driver behind the wheel of the car, concentration etched in every line on his handsome face...the words "sacred and profane", "love and hate", flashes of gunfire, a fresco crumbling, and more cars moving ominously together....

"One angel - 200 demons". A commercial for Lancia. Clever. I was disappointed. I thought is was an upcoming movie. Not long after I ran across an article on the filming of Angels and Demons in Rome. Wait a there IS a movie.

Again I had the feeling of being somewhat backward in Italy but this time I can't blame my language barrier. Where did I miss the previews for this movie that opened here on Wednesday? I asked my favorite source of all things Italian, A, and was told that movie previews are rare on TV - those are predominantly aired on the RADIO!!!!

I can't believe it because for me, 'hearing' people in part of a scene is nowhere near as intriguing, absorbing, motivating, whatever, as 'seeing' a clip from the movie. And since movies are a visual treat, why not preview in the same manner?

Oh well, I don't have the answer to that but now I know why I've been in the dark about so many new movies...and now you know I very rarely listen to the radio.

Interesting Angels and Demons Trivia

Banned filming of Angels and Demons at St. Peter's BasilicaPhoto: St. Peter's Basilica

The Vatican declined a request for permission to film Angels and Demons on location at the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica and Square so filming for these areas were either done at another church or on set in Los Angeles.

According to Production Designer Allan Cameron they had more than 20 people visit and take as many photos of the chapel as possible before being told to stop. From those photos, they recreated the detail from the mosaics on the floor to the paintings on the walls.

Tom Hanks drives into Piazza Navona and leaps out of the car...and onto the set in LA. Cameron's job was to make the transition look seamless.

Specially made Lancia models were flown from Fiat's Cassino plant in Italy for the LA filming of Angels and Demons. Then they were shipped back to Italy.

The Panthenon is over 2,000 years old, constructed in 31BC, and is one of the best preserved buildings of its age.

Castel Sant'Angelo, Santa Maria del Popolo, Santa Maria Vittoria are among the other filming sites in Rome.

Since this is long enough I'll walk down memory lane next time.

Check out all this and more at the Angels and Demons official website and info on the Lancia's inclusion in the movie here.


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