Andrea Bocelli at the Coloseum for Abruzzo Victims ~ Romancing Italy

May 25, 2009

Andrea Bocelli at the Coloseum for Abruzzo Victims

Andrea BocelliThe Coloseum is illuminated in an ethereal blue and the voice of Andrea Bocelli is caressing the air, sending out vibrations of love. The orchestra from Abruzzo is in concert to benefit earthquake victims.

I am always moved by Bocelli's voice and especially as he sings in this romantic and seductive language. I am touched even more so because of the reason this all came about. The quake is no longer a headliner but it is true there is still a need.

If you want to contribute, please check out The National Italian American Foundation website that covers all information and methods of payment (which are tax deductible).

By the way, he is going to California in San Jose on the 6th and Hollywood on the 7th.

He is now singing "Mamma" and I am told this is probably one of the most famous songs of Italy, probably one of the most loved.....for almost 89 years. I see Italy written in every note.... and there is an Italian right here belting it out with Andrea. Yes, this is my Italy.

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  1. Hi Bev,
    Great cause and the height of romtantic music to the aid. I hope they achieve their charity goals an more, the music of course will be enjoyed come what may.

  2. Hi Bev,
    I enjoy reading your posts about Italy just about every day! I'm also a fan of Bocelli!

    Would you like to join us for World Blog Surf Day? It's coming up very soon--June 13th, and the theme is "food!" You can visit here for more information:
    and also my blog. It would be great to have you aboard!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)


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