A Visit to the Oracle of Delphi Greece ~ Romancing Italy

Apr 29, 2009

A Visit to the Oracle of Delphi Greece

Day 3: Delphi
Departure time: 8am

From the majestic mountains of Meteora, we were heading off to Oracle of Delphi. We piled our suitcases into the bus and waited a half hour for 8 students who didn't seem to remember we were leaving at 8 in the morning. They were still asleep.

The difference in attending the museum as an individual as opposed to a group was very apparent...and even more so because our group was that of students. I felt the docents were afraid we would pocket one of the statues and tote it out to the bus. All the small stuff was under lock and key. We were herded together so if there was something of interest behind, it was uncomfortable to go back because of the imposing figures of the "guards" who closed around us.

I still enjoyed the museum and it's amazing pieces, my favorites being the friezes with horse and soldier. The most treasured artifact is the bronze charioteer that occupies a room all on it's own.



  1. A really amazing experience you have. I wish I can go there now!


  2. Hi Bev,
    What a wonderful place to visit - Lucky you

  3. Hi Ron, Thanks for stopping by. These beautiful bits and pieces were in the museum. I imagine the place was incredible when it was in its heyday!

    And Martin....You know you can go for a looooong drive if you want and you too can be there. But then those weeds will grow up and eat your house and farm. :-P Speaking of weeds...I started the battle with the overgrowth outside...and today I am sneezing up a storm. How I love springtime.

  4. bev,do you have time to write on your holiday?.)


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