Visit to Meteora Monasteries above Kalambaka, Greece ~ Romancing Italy

Apr 27, 2009

Visit to Meteora Monasteries above Kalambaka, Greece

Meteora Monasteries in Greece (Italian School Trip)

Rousanou Monastery seen from Varlaam Monastery

1. Beginning of the walk to Varlaam Monastery
2. Ilia on the stairs
3. Looking back along the trail

They gave us those 'beautiful' wraps to put over our pants. Women have to be wearing a skirt to enter.
Riccardo, next to Giaccomo practiced his english with me frequently. His friends ribbed him ruthlessly for it.

Looking up from the courtyard

Ex-students, I would bet if there was a pretty girl who only spoke English they would miraculously remember how to speak the language.

San Stefano Monastery

The entrance
You gotta garden when you gotta garden , even if it is on the side of a rock.

One of the residents
Housing, every detail cared for. I love it.

Andrea celebrated his 16th birthday on the trip. The door is deadly; I still have a bruise on my arm when I leaned on it accidentally with the crunch of bodies trying to get in from the rain.

Not the best photo. Andrea and Christofer left their group and came to keep me company as I parked myself at a cafe and was drinking my toast to these incredible rocks.

View from my seat in Kalambaka - Monastery San Stefano

Read about the history of the churches and those that contributed to their design and artistry here.



  1. Bev
    I thought I must drop by on your blog as you kindly visit mine. I had the priviledge of visiting the Meteora Monasteries 34 years ago when I travelled overland from Nepal to the UK. Your photos bring back many memories.

    Back then, I remember the ladies in our group having to put on wrap around long skirts to cover the shorts or miniskirts that they were wearing! But covering female trousers/jeans??!!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip & return safely. Ricky

  2. Hello Ricky,
    Thanks for stopping by. If you took the time to walk up to the monasteries as I feel you did, the impact must have been incredible. As a student tour, the bus took us pretty much to the entrance and eliminated some of the exhilaration of truly experiencing the height. I would go back just to do that.


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