SUPERFAST Ferry Service to Greece ~ Romancing Italy

Apr 21, 2009

SUPERFAST Ferry Service to Greece

Road Trip to Kalambaka, Athens, Delfi
Day 1, Travel Day
Time of Departure: 5:30am (and we are already late.)

It took less than an hour after leaving the Novara station to tip the scales in favor of the students. 99 students in various degrees of slumber is way better than three teachers who just can't stop talking! The Italy leg was uneventful and the bus was boarded onto the SUPERFAST Ferry line.

Our route from Ancona to Igoumenitsa involved an overnight stay on the boat as we left dock in the afternoon. Even on Italian water, we were informed that the moment we set foot on the boat, we would be using Greek time (one hour ahead of Italy).

SUPERFAST Ferry as a miniature cruise ship?
Let's see how many things an average teenager can do in the space of a few waking hours.
  • Disco - this tops the list. It's definitely a time for budding lovers to take it up a apparently for a few couples the fire was taking on new proportions.
  • Casino - of the many who probably tried their sorry luck, one teacher and two students actually walked away with a small profit. 5 euro in - 100 out. Not bad.
  • Shopping - It's there. I didn't go.
  • Indoor Bars, bars and more bars. Let's just say I am surprised that by 10pm so many were still standing. I am sure this fiery drink had a lot to do with the evening's combustion.
  • Internet and WiFi - what a surprise. If I hadn't still been dead (from the effort of getting to Novara and forced to stay awake on the bus trip), I might have taken advantage of this. Instead, I slept...blissfully, rocked to sleep by the gentle big boat.
  • Outdoor bars ....
  • Restaurants - Option for Self Service, Food for kids and a regular restaurant (where the leader of our teachers pack chose to eat). Greek service, Greek and Italian menu, Italian style (which means no less than three hours at the table).
  • Video games room.
  • Lounges to sleep in after the disco (even though parents have paid for a cabin.)
Extremely comfortable and spacious with private bathrooms.
  • 2 bed, 3, 4 or dormitory style cabins, inside or outside. (The view is great.) What was supposed to be all girl or boy rooms became mixed at some point...but i think teachers knew that was going to happen. Do parents suspect?
  • Lux Cabins come with a sitting area.
  • Garage area specifically for campers. (Out of the 10 decks, I believe 7 are for parking.)
Pets Allowed
There is a fenced kennel area on the upper deck of the ferry as well as pet cabins. (I believe the school brought some wild animals aboard this trip but didn't corral them in their appropriate pens.)

I worked with some of these students a couple years ago and although I playfully paint a picture of them in a lustful and reckless manner, I know it has a lot to do with coming to terms with their sexuality, the new and wonderful feelings of what they think and hope to be love and with how to manage the brief freedom they have from everyday home life (aka parents). It's gotta be hard for be growing up.

Next: Kalambaka and the Monasteries (when I get to breathe again)



  1. Hi Bev,

    My goodness, I'd be knackered taking on all those activities! A seat with a view and a good book sounds more relaxing.

  2. What does it mean that a cabin is "outside"?

  3. Hi Bethany, The outside cabin are the ones with portholes and a view. There are also inner cabins (all walled in) that can be claustrophobic for some. We were fortunate to have the outer cabins.


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