On the way to Kalambaka Greece ~ Romancing Italy

Apr 22, 2009

On the way to Kalambaka Greece

Road Trip to Kalambaka, Delfi, Athens
Day 2, Kalambaka (Part 1)
Time of Departure: 5:00am

Quote from Olympic Tour Guide book "Greece enjoys a Mediterranean climate with an abundance of sun, moderate temperature and limited precipitation."

It was raining.

I know I said Kalambaka and the Monasteries was coming next, but it is midnight and I am yet to wade through the photos. Here instead is my initial impression along the wet road from Igoumenitsa to Kalambaka.

  • Greece is a galvanized roofed country...painted red. Now do not ask why this strikes me. Perhaps its because houses (towns) stick out along the mountainside with their heads such a vivid color.
  • There is so much rock I think someone can build a decent size home without having to buy too much material if they wanted a stone house.
  • There is a lot of open land, either mountainous or farm land with a spattering of towns that makes it seem barren, wild and untamed.
  • If Italy is infatuated with making tunnels, Greece enjoys creating roads. A road would be abandoned..not fixed ...completely ignored and another new road will take it's place. The old road just sits there. Or a new road will be constructed to take out a sharp curve. Perhaps the two should colaborate to get things done really well.
  • The rocks at Kalambaka are truly magnificent and worth a good sit with a coke (beer if you prefer) just to stare at them.

Okay I am fried and can barely stay awake. I am going to sleep even if I am dying to tell stories.


  1. Quite spectacular. A drinking cold beer staring at this sight is certainly a good combination. (Although I'm half Greek, I never actually been there!)

  2. Oh you lucky girl! Look at those gorgeous mountains. Enjoy!

  3. Wow... been in Greece many years ago but I never know of that place. Magnificent! just bloghopping.. care for x-link? http://glimpse-neaquino.blogspot.com

  4. Hi Martin, You're half Greek? Well, whadya know. That mist certainly gave it a mysterious and majestic feel, more so than when it was clear. I loved it. The town I was in wasn't so spectacular, somewhat dead perhaps because the season hasn't really begun. I love mountains though so I was happy.

  5. Thanks Louise, I would have liked to stay longer to take the walk from town to the monasteries at the top. Unfortunately, with a tour, school or otherwise, my time is not my own. I am grateful for being there though. You know, I am living in an area full of trekking trails and I have not yet been on ONE!!!! Shame on me, I need to get out there.

  6. Hi Nuts, perhaps one day you will have your wish to travel and go with your daughter to Greece...or to Brazil for chocolate. Seems like a perfectly good reason to me to go :-).

    Thanks for visiting!


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