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Apr 17, 2009

Historic Morca Suspension Bridge Valsesia Italy

Morca Suspension Bridge - Mainland view

Following the road north of Borgosesia you can turn off the main road to cross the Sesia river and visit the small town of Morca. I got 'stuck' by the bridge because I was fascinated by its structure and never saw the town. Maybe another time.

Morca Suspension Bridge Partway across

Part of the way across A stopped the car, but the rattling I heard didn't stop right away. Only then did I notice that the bridge was actually moving and those cables weren't there just for show!

Morca Suspension Bridge - Morca SideLocal citizens pooled their resources to have the bridge built and in 1928 hired bridge engineer Giuseppe Magistrini to design and lead the project. The suspension cables were recently replaced but the timber floor planks are original. I think that is amazing considering the bridge is 81 years old. Of the 9 suspension bridges that were built in this area, three still remain.

And of course, I love the design - the three arches above have no other use but to be beautiful.

Suspension Bridge at Morca - Detail

The view from below the bridge.

Try again in a few seconds if the video is not available right away

Go here if you are interested in the engineering detail - and I mean "detail". It's a language I won't be learning anytime soon, but the article was interesting and gave some history of the bridge. It also will tell you how safe it is now.



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