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Apr 13, 2009

Easter Speciality in Southern Italy

No Easter egg hunts here but just as well as it rained on Sunday. But eggs are definitely a part of Easter and I learned something about Easter and eggs in the south.

A's mom brought out some of her awesome sweet biscuits which I devour like there's no tomorrow. Buried in the bowl were three enormous creations, one shaped like a basket, the other two as hearts. Lodged in the middle was an....egg. Before entering the fiery oven, it was wrapped in the doughy embrace and left to bake.

I can only imagine how fun it would be for a kid, to sit at a picnic lunch, with biscuits and sausage and then unearth his or her very own egg from the middle. Which is exactly how it was for A when he was little.

For those not so lucky to have moms to make freshly baked breads, I saw they were also on sale at the bakery. Those that A's mom made were subtly hidden and perhaps a bit more interesting for a kid.

What is perhaps even more interesting than a baked egg, is a chocolate one. The Pope thought so too and sent 100 chocolate eggs to the kids of Abruzzo.

Hmm, not sure what I think of that.


  1. Special traditional Home baked bread and real eggs in the firing line and fun and you have the perfect Easter. Better than a manufactured Easter which many now resign to. hope your was good, by all accunts it sond like it was.

    Easter starts in Bulgaria this Saturday and very much a home made ocassion.

  2. The picture of the bread with the egg really brought back memories. My mother did the basket thing with the egg in the center. She made the most wonderful breads. She would pile flour and salt and an egg onto our island and zip zap the next thing you knew she was braiding Easter bread, not a measuring cup in sight.

    We also had a lamb cake every Easter. The molds have to be at least 60 years old. My son currently has them and made his first lamb cake for his kids. Family traditions passed on from generation to generation to generation. Ah, la famiglia!

  3. Hi Windroot, funny how little things will bring back memories. I think my generation is not that great in the kitchen...not like my mom's generation. I have no idea what lamb cake is and have to ask. It sounds complicated but since it is lamb, it must be delicious. Yum.


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