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Apr 8, 2009

Easter is Good News for the People of Abruzzo

It's the week before Easter and by the weekend, most of Italy will be fully celebrating. Except of course, the people in Abruzzo who have suffered at the expense of Mother Nature. If anything, Easter will be all the more meaningful to them, to those who have lost family and friends. (Photo: Painting by Caravaggio, “Supper at Emmaus”, painted 1601-02. Resurrection appearance)

Easter is about Good News
Italy is overall very religious and I imagine more so in the older villages. Easter is all about the resurrection of Jesus and the promise of a world to come and this weekend, after such a disaster, it will be something of a comfort to bring fully to mind that there will be a chance to see again those who lost their lives.

Abruzzo Easter Tradition
Interestingly enough, Chieti in the Abruzzo region holds what is considered to be the oldest Good Friday procession in Italy; accompanied by a hundred violins playing Miserere by Selecchi. (Read more about Easter in Italy at Italy.com).

Chieti and L'Alquila in Abruzzo Region

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A Tidbit of Good News
The news is filled with statistics, with those dead, missing and homeless. But as precious time passes, when another life is saved, it becomes all the more miraculous, joyous and needs to be shared.

Two days after the quake, a woman was discovered trapped in her room. The building around her had collapsed but she was spared. When she was rescued, the cameras zoomed in to capture the moment and focused on a small, frail woman of 82 years.

One would imagine the fraility of old age and the solitude would make a person feel more vulnurable. Younger men and women, have emerged trembling and bawling from the trauma, stress and pure relief of being saved. Not this one. She was calm, smiling and grateful.

Perhaps at her age there is no longer a fear of death and she was prepared. Perhaps she too believes in Easter's resurrection story. But one thing is for sure, she is a wonderful example of the strength of the human spirit.


  1. So sad, I have family who live close by there, they are all okay thank God, but it is a case of rebuilding the communities there which will take time.

  2. I heard this on the world news and was hoping you were safe! One story today of a little girl being pulled out after she was heard crying. A miracle! Marilyn

  3. buona pasqua bev---lovely post. Hope springs eternal, even after the week we have just had.

  4. Smiling Hello there:)
    Sad, very sad to hear, and wish bright days for the sad families. We are experienced in this matter, and felt the sadness deep in the heart.
    Well, all is for us human-beings, and we have to be strong.
    Tanti auguri di Buona Pasqua,
    Ciao da Istanbul~


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