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Apr 5, 2009

Convent Lodging at the Sanctuary of Oropa Piemonte

The Sanctuary of Oropa

For the budget conscious, nature loving, solitude seeking traveler - Santuario di Oropa in Biella, Piemonte is the lodging for you. On a clear day, the incredible view and tranquil surroundings are an unbeatable and inspiring way to start every day. Once previously designed to be set apart from the world around it, the convent is now easily accessible by car and bus.

Origin of the Sanctuary of Oropa

According to tradition, the Sanctuary was founded by the Bishop Eusebio in the 4th Century when he brought a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary to the site. A church was built within the compound, now called the "Old Church" as construction for the "New Church" began in 1774.

Convent Location

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15 minutes up the hill from Biella; About 2 hours from Milan.

Convent Room Selection

Economy: Prepared with groups, schools and youth in mind, this choice is also perfect for those wanting to experience convent or monastic life. The rooms are austere but arranged with restored period furniture. Rooms have 1 to 4 beds and sink; guests share a communal bathroom.

Comfort: Best choice for quality and price. Single, double and triple rooms available with private bathroom and arranged with period furniture in beaten iron.

Junior Suite: Add an incredible view and even more comfort to your experience without breaking the bank. Period furniture in beaten iron are placed in rooms that look out onto the valley below. Private bathroom, telephones, and TV are in each room.

Suite: The Sanctuary's best rooms, elegantly arranged with period furniture, antique pictures, lamps and decor. Some even have their own sitting rooms; each has modern bathrooms, TV and telephone service.

Price list for low and high seasons.

Reasons to Visit the Sanctuary of Oropa
  • For nature lovers, it is an excellent point of departure for walks, treks, mountain bike trips, skiing and ice climbing.
  • Museum of the Treasures of Oropa
  • Art Gallery
Restaurants in Oropa

Thirteen restaurants and trattorias service the Oropa Sanctuary. They specialize in preparing the area's local foods and cater for special events.

Slideshow of the Sanctuary or Oropa

Reservation Contact Info

Via Santuario di Oropa, 480
13900 Biella - Oropa (BI)
+39 015.25551200 Tel
+39 015.25551219 Fax
A little over two years ago, it was almost impossible to find information online about convents or monasteries that offered lodging for travelers. Now you can make online reservations to various convents or monasteries around Italy and Europe.

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