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Apr 19, 2009

The Call of Greece...Road Trip

Monasteries of Meteore - GreeceGreece has my number.

Yesterday I had a treat talking to my friends Valerie and Carlos on Skype and I love how the miles seemed to slip away. I had the advantage of viewing them as they have a webcam ( embedded in Valerie's new Mac....and I don't (have a Mac or webcam :-( ). In my opinion they were spared...

I spent yesterday morning choosing what I want to take for the short trip to Greece. I can't believe it took longer to select items for a week than it did for me when I was going away for 3 months!!!! Plus, I am not sure what we will end up doing so there are the "just in case" items.

Thank goodness I'm not taking a train. Instead, we catch the 4:00am bus tomorrow to catch the 1:00 pm ferry at Ancona for Igoumenitasa. I desperately need to find my iPod for this road trip. We'll overnight on the boat (where they reminded me to bring a change of clothes in an overnight bag for the, ahem, disco-yeah right. Oh, and a bathing suit. Another 'yeah right'.)

For those of you who know me, you'd think I am out of my mind to go with a group of students for only a week. I am now used to traveling alone for months at a time, visiting the out of the way places and leaving the touristy places behind.

You're right, I am out of my mind. What was I thinking?!!! But Valerie, ever so quick with the positive side, reminded me that there will surely be stories to tell as teenagers are living entertainment.

The truth is, I can't wait to go. I love being on the move and I love walking in history and as Carlos remarked....I can't seem to stay away from high places. The Monasteries of Meteore are calling.

(Photo credit Greece Travel site)


  1. A bit os company with a bit of solitude is a good recipe. On your own you will meet more people and see more things. enjoy yourself and dont' take too much baggage travelling light is the best! Take Care

  2. Hey Martin, you are right about balancing it out. Today I had to, HAD to take a walk by myself even though I felt the others might think I was not being a part of the group. But it was what I needed. Thanks for the advice.


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